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Electric RC Helicopter Guide

A good way to start the hobby is to get an electric rc helicopter. Powered by small electric motors and rechargeable battery packs, you can easily have fun without spending too much money.

Photo of an electric rc helicopter.
The Piccolo IKarus electric rc helicopter.
Photo credit: Ikarus website (www.ikarus.net)

There are several types to choose from. The simplest are the rtf rc helicopters, which can be considered as toys. Popular models are the Sky Patrol Air Hogs, perfect for beginners and kids.

The next level would be an electric powered mini rc helicopter or micro heli. These are so small that you can hover them indoors. These are true hobby quality models. Popular products are the Piccolo, Hummingbird and Dragonfly.

And finally, if you love the outdoors, go for the big scale rc electric helicopters. These remote controlled models are designed to be flown in open spaces and require a lot of helicopter flying experience. Popular full size remote controlled helis are the Logo, Voyager and Eco 8.

RC Helicopter Guide

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