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Hirobo Nitro Helicopters - Sceadu Evolution and Freya RC Models

The Hirobo line of nitro helicopters include the Sceadu Evolution and Freya models. These Hirobo nitro rc helicopters have engines sizes from .30 to .90.

Hirobo Sceadu Evolution

The Hirobo Sceadu Evolution .30 and .50 models are good for beginners. New items include a bigger gas tank and newer plastic formulation used in the main frame, servo frame and tail case.

Hirobo Eagle Freya

These are powered by bigger and more powerful .60 and .90 size engines. The Hirobo Eagle Freya nitro rc helicopters are designed for advanced modelers and are capable of 3D flight. Technical highlights include: full ball bearings, belt drive and lowered landing gear. Weight is 4900g with a main rotor diameter of 1533mm.

Information and photo source: HeliHobby.com

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