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Hummingbird RC Helicopters

Hummingbird RC Helicopters

The newest scale model is the Hummingbird V3. This new micro rc helicopter is electric powered and can be flown indoors and outdoors. Weighing at only 9 ounces, you get 8-10 minutes of flight time per charge using a 7 cell NiMH rechargeable battery pack.

New for the Hummingbird V3 rc helicopter are:

  • High performance Mabuchi Gold Label 370 electric motor
  • Large battery tray to accommodate 9.6 volt batteries
  • Reinforced rotor head
  • Faster cyclic response

You can buy the Hummingbird V3 remote controlled helicopter as a kit or combo that includes a radio control system, battery, charger, speed control, gyro, servos, receiver and crystal.

Photo credit: HeliHobby.com
Information source: Century Helicopter Products

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