RC Helicopter

Overview of R/C

Overview of RC Helicopters

How to start? Where to begin? What is popular? Where to buy? If you're new to the hobby, here is an overview of the world of remote controlled helicopters.

Beginners Questions
Piccoboard, gear vs direct drive, micro heli questions, small electric helis, GY401, what is the best rtf kit to buy and more...

Electric RC Helis
Honey Bee CP, Li-Po battery, Walkera DragonFly, Hirobo XRB Lama wireless, how to set up a brushless motor, Jabo II, Dragonfly 22D and more...

Century Hawk, Predator, Falcon and More
For bashing, canopies, Hawk Sport 30 suggestions, brushless, Century Hawk problems, Predator 90, Hawk Gyro placement and more...

Kyosho Helicopters
Caliber 30, Nexus 30, setting of mixing lever, blades, ball links, power loss, EP Caliber M24, choosing a radio, drive train belt tension, rotor rpm, engine muffler and more...

LMH Helicopters
LMH 116, Corona 120, power failure, starting problems with LMH 110, cheap canopies, balancing rotors, Himaxx brushless motors, successful flying and more...

Thunder Tiger Raptor 30, 50, 60, 90
Raptor 30, clutch, flooded engine, expert flying, boom length, 30 to 50 conversion, painting, 

Buying RC Helicopters

RC Helicopter Guide

Mini RC Helicopter - Remote Control Helicopters, Radio Controlled Helis, R/C Stores
Information center on rc helicopters. Introduction to the remote control helicopter hobby and guide to buying radio controlled helis from popular online r/c stores.

RC Hobby Stores
Shopper's guide to the best online rc hobby stores. Clearance sales and discount coupons give you great deals when buying rc helicopter products online.



Mini RC Helicopter