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RC Gas Helicopter - Guide and Introduction to Nitro Helis

If you are looking for realism and excitement, then nothing beats flying an rc gas helicopter. Also called nitro helis, these can hover hundreds of feet above the ground and do acrobatic flying maneuvers.

Photo of an rc gas helicopter.
Photo of the Raptor rc gas helicopter.

These gas models use small model engines. Beginner models will usually have a .30 cu in engine capable of producing over 1 horsepower @ 17,000 rpms. There are also .40 / .50 / .60 / .70 / .90 cu in engines that are bigger and faster. These are best for experienced heli flyers.

Pictured above are the different types of engines used in gas rc helicopters. One of the most popular brand is O.S. Engines. Their engines are fast and reliable.

For your first gas powered heli, one of the best buy is the Raptor. Beginners can enjoy the Raptor .30 while advanced flyers can get excitement from the Raptor .90. This is one of the most popular nitro helicopters you will find in flying fields, with plenty of parts support and experienced flyers to help you out.

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