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One of the most popular nitro powered rc helicopters is the Raptor by Thunder Tiger. The Raptor .30 and Raptor .50 is very popular among beginners. You can easily choose between an unassembled kit or an almost ready to fly (ARF) package.

Photo of a Raptor rc helicopter.A good model to start with is the Raptor 30 V2 Sport kit. It has a main rotor diameter of 1245mm, a tail rotor diameter of 236mm and weighs around 6.6lbs.

As you gain experience, the Raptor .60 and Raptor .90 provides more power and excitement.

And the great thing about Raptor helicopters is it's popularity with flyers and hobby shops. So there are plenty of flyers who can help you get started and hobby shops where you can buy Raptor helicopters and accessories such as conversion and crash kits.

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