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Articles, tips and definitions to help you learn more about the hobby. The scale remote control helicopter guide is a quick reference to the various parts and accessories used by rc helicopters.

Photo of a remote control helicopter.
An electric remote control helicopter flying next to a Suburban!

RC Helicopter Magazines
One of the best way to learn more about the hobby is to get subscriptions to popular rc helicopter magazines such as Rotary Modeler, Model Helicopter Technique and Model Helicopter World.

Remote Control Helicopter Videos
A lot of models, especially those designed for beginners, include a video cd. These remote control helicopter videos help you build and fly your rc helicopter.

The gyro is a small device that stabilizes a remote control helicopter during hovering and flying. There are several types such as the mechanical gyro and heading hold gyro.

Radio Controller
There are many types of radio controllers. The simplest are those designed for rc cars. The more complex units, with 3 or more servos, are used for rc airplanes and helicopters.

Flight Simulators
This is a cheap way to learn how to fly a remote control helicopter. Flight simulators let's you crash without having to spend for replacement parts.

Fixed Pitch
The benefits of buying a remote control helicopter with fixed pitch rotor design is simplicity. These r/c helicopters are easy to build and have less moving parts. Also cheaper than collective pitch helis.

Collective Pitch
The benefits of buying collective pitch rc helicopters is maneuverability. The collective pitch rotor design is what allows you to fly an r/c helicopter inverted or upside down.

Power is transferred from engine to rotor. Moves the radio control helicopter up and down and varies the collective pitch to increase or decrease lift.

Tail Rotor
By varying the tail rotor pitch, the radio controlled helicopter turns to the left or right. Also called "Yaw." In a neutral position, the tail rotor has just enough pitch to counteract the spinning main rotor torque.

Fore-Aft Cyclic
Change of pitch resulting in tilting forward or backward. Change in pitch of main rotor blades enables the remote control helicopter to fly forward or backward.

Left-Right Cyclic
When the remote controlled helicopter leans to the left or to the right.

Main Rotor Diameter

Tail Rotor

Tail Drive


Dual Main Rotor











Field Equipment

Training Gear

Flight Simulators

Buddy Box

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RC Helicopter Guide

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