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Good, Cheap RTF RC Helicopters

What are Good and Cheap RTF RC Helicopters

Are your a beginner looking to get into the hobby? Looking for a good, cheap rtf helicopter that can hover and maneuver? Below are some recommended models.

Photo of cheap, rtf rc helicopters.
There are many good, cheap rtf rc helicopters that really fly.

For newbies, it is important to first learn how to hover up and down. A good choice would be to buy a fixed pitch model from Hummingbird, Piccolo and others. You can also practice using a simulator.

It will take time to master the basics of hovering and landing safely, usually a couple of months. It is an enjoyable learning experience.

There are cheap rtf models like the Dragonfly and Aerohawk, but you might be better of investing in more expensive models such as the Shogun 200 CP heli. More expensive models are made of higher quality parts and are more stable in flight.

If you are on a tight budget, the Hirobo XRB has gotten good reviews and feedback.

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